Stacked dies from Guo Ji Tooling Systems

How it Works


Guo Ji seasoned engineers remain focused on your goals, determining the best combination of timing, cost and savings from the outset.


Once your order is placed, we either design the tooling at our in-house design company or send our processes and station lists to Guo Ji Tooling Company to build the die. Our engineers validate and approve it before the build begins.


With our on-site project managers continuously monitoring your project, the troubleshooting never ends. Their close scrutiny helps us detect any issues with the die at the point of shipping. This way, replacement parts can be acquired while the die is in transit. When your shipment arrives in the States, the replacement or solution is implemented immediately.


Guo Ji project managers take care of all delivery and customs, so you can avoid the hassles of overseas shipping. Because we have extensive knowledge of customs procedures, regulations and ports, we can expedite your stamping dies and tooling to your destination - keeping your projects moving and your bottom line healthy.