From single solutions to complete turnkey offerings, learn what we’re doing to meet the demands of leading Tier 1s and OEMs.


We Work Globally

With global capabilities, we can build onshore, offshore, or both.

We Run the Program

Consider it covered. Our professionals give you the reporting and planning your program deserves.

We Manage Risk

At TSG, we “protect the program” and mitigate your risk—like a good partner should.

We Respond with Speed

If there’s an issue, we solve it. If a last-minute change needs to be made, we make it. No questions asked.

We never Compromise on Quality or Value

When you work with TSG, you can expect us to maximize both.

Solid. Stable. Partnerships.

Collaboration and communication go a long way for us. We help our customers succeed by putting them first, every time.

Our History

Solid. Stable. Since 1983. It takes work, collaboration, and a constant focus on the customer. That’s been our approach since 1983, and the legacy continues today.

Our Leadership

Drew Boersma


Drew Boersma, along with his brother-in-law Kurt VanVels, embarked on the TSG journey in the fall of 1983. That’s when they “risked it all” and opened Advanced Tooling Systems (ATS) at the Seven Mile Road location, where its plant one is still located today.

For more than three of the four decades that Drew has been in the tooling business, he has been developing and nurturing TSG, as well as walking alongside young entrepreneurs, whom he has selected and partnered with to grow and diversify the business. During this same time, Drew has engineered the organization’s growth from a die shop of only 5 diemakers to one that includes 13 distinct companies and more than 600 employees.

Today, TSG includes 12 unique tooling companies that focus on die builds here and abroad, automation systems and equipment, steel plate processing, contract and production machining and check fixtures. Each company began as a startup in response to customer needs and market demands. Drew’s commitment and focus on customer service, employee empowerment, and doing business ethically has been essential to the birth, growth and long-term success of each one.

As our customers work with TSG’s individual companies, they will find that each one embodies the integrity, work ethic, and passion that Drew has woven into the fabric of the organization.

To prospective customers looking for a supplier to add to their supply chain, thank you for considering TSG. We welcome the opportunity to get to know you, to understand your business, and to deliver world class solutions.

To our existing customer—whether a relatively new customer or one we’ve partnered with through the decades—thank you for being an important part of our story. You are the cornerstone of our business and we will continue to deliver the highest quality, on time, tooling solutions.

To the prospective employee looking for the right organization to begin your career, thank you for checking us out. Please visit our careers page and let us learn more about each other.

Jim Grotenrath


Jim is a passionate and driven tooling professional with more than 30 years in the trade. He, like many others on TSG’s executive leadership team, started his tooling career “on the floor,” worked his way up through the organization, and took Drew up on an opportunity to be an equity partner in a related business.

Jim started his career as a diemaker at Advanced Tooling Systems in 1992. Four years later, he partnered with Drew to establish Engineered Tooling Systems (ETS), TSG’s second die company. Jim’s hard work, customer focus, strategic thinking and entrepreneurial spirit is that made him the right choice to become TSG’s President in 2015.

During his tenure as president, Jim has been instrumental in charting the course of the organization and navigating its day-to-day activities and regularly communicating with each member company.

Jim’s willingness to be on the floor and personally teach sound die practices has helped set TSG apart from its competition.

The global tooling business model is an example of Jim’s ability to think outside the box and displays his willingness to take measured risk in order to grow the business, remain globally competitive, and strengthen TSG’s partnership with its customers.