From design to production, it’s our expertise that brings top quality to the end product.

The Tooling Systems Group experience is our competitive advantage—13 companies working collaboratively to meet the customer’s objectives.

Assembly Systems

From robotic cells to laser welds, we’re delivering cutting edge automation solutions.

Check Fixtures

Whether you need small detailed components or full assemblies, we’ll deliver what you need in a timely and customized manner.

Contract Machining

We provide a wide range of machining services from small, simple parts to large, complex 5-axis machining.

Low Volume Parts

We can step in if the OEM isn’t available or no longer exists, allowing you to get back on track and keep moving.

Mold Tooling

We craft plastic injection molds, hydroform tooling, die cast tools, thermoform and vacuum formstools, always offering you the right solution.

Stamping Dies

Building sheet metal stamping dies has been at the heart of Tooling Systems Group since the introduction of our first member company founded in 1983.

Steel Plate Processing

We supply hot rolled steel plates that meet every demand for strength, durability, and a solid foundation.