Delivering the Best Cost Country Tooling Experience.

Established in 2014, Banyan Tooling Systems Co., Ltd (BTS) specializes in making steel plate and cast stamping tools with experience in progressive, transfer, and line dies. Banyan Tooling Systems provides dies with full tryout and quality loops, as well as kit dies for the automotive, office furniture, home appliance and electronics industries.

Integral to our global strategy is our facility just north of Hong Kong in Dongguan, China. Banyan Tooling Systems has become a global top manufacturer of metal stamp tooling due to its experience in overseas business with a home line tryout service that continually supplies high quality tooling at a low cost.

Our Focus

With 103 employees in Dongguan, China and support in North America, BTS is determined to exceed our customer’s expectations and provide our customers the best cost country pricing with the security of tool building experience from North America.


Employees comprised by an international technical team with deep experience


Countries where we have already serviced dies. (United States, Canada, Mexico, Poland, Turkey, Slovenia, Japan, Germany, South Africa, China)


OEMs expertly supplied


For a detailed list of our capabilities, please view our equipment list below.

  • 5,800 square meter (62,400 square foot) building
  • 1600 ton press
  • Multiple machining centers (maximum 5060 x 2550mm)
  • CMM & 3D blue light scanner

Paul Qiu
BTS President

Paul began his career in the tooling sector in 1998 and joined TSG in 2008, becoming the founding managing partner for Banyan Tooling Systems in 2014. He insists on craftsmanship, always striving for the best in high quality tooling that meets customer’s low-cost needs and his mission and vision is to build the top manufacturer in the tooling industry.

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    No. 1, ShenZhenZai YiJie, TieSong, QingXi Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong, China.


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    Emma Gao