A World of Tooling Opportunity.

Guo Ji Tooling Systems (GTS) worldwide alliance of partners has a proven track record that includes a history of long-term relationships with overseas suppliers, a skilled team of tooling engineers, and on-site bilingual project managers.

The proven Guo Ji supply chain delivers blended tooling with American made quality. Guo Ji’s project management team remains onsite at all Tooling Systems Group-Guo Ji approved facilities, handling everything from daily progress reports and shipping, to tryout, finishing, and guaranteeing the best quality tooling.

Stateside project managers are the point of contact, directing the build process and keeping the customer continually updated.

How It Works


Guo Ji seasoned engineers remain focused on your goals, determining the best combination of timing, cost, and savings from the outset.


With our on-site project managers continuously monitoring your project, the troubleshooting never ends. Their close scrutiny helps us detect any issues with the die at the point of shipping. This way, replacement parts can be acquired while the die is in transit. When your shipment arrives in the States, the replacement or solution is implemented immediately.


Once your order is placed, we either design the tooling at our in-house design company or send our processes and station lists to Guo Ji Tooling Systems Group to build the die. Our engineers validate and approve it before the build begins.


Guo Ji project managers take care of all delivery and customs, so you can avoid the hassles of overseas shipping. Because we have extensive knowledge of customs procedures, regulations and ports, we can expedite your stamping dies and tooling to your destination keeping your projects moving and your bottom line lean.


Guo Ji Tooling Systems has extensive experience creating blanking, progressive, transfer, and line dies for the automotive industry. However, Guo Ji engineers are equipped to create dies for a wide array of industrial applications from appliances and furnishings, to commodity consumer items and more.

  • Industries Serviced:
    • Appliances
    • Furniture
    • Automotive
    • Vehicles (semi-tractor, buses, all-terrain vehicles)
  • Services Included:
    • Design
    • Engineering
    • Importing
    • PPAP presence
    • Program management
    • Runoff
    • Tryout
    • Engineering changes and modifications
    • Off-site die repair maintenance
    • On-site emergency die repair


Guo Ji offers on-site and stateside project management to coordinate and supply everything from engineering, progress reports and shipping, to tryout, finishing, and guaranteeing the quality of your finished product.

  • On-site project managers at Guo Ji facilities
  • High quality, low cost tooling
  • All customs, international commerce, and shipping handled for you
  • Progress updates at your convenience
  • Preliminary buyoff at Guo Ji facilities
  • Stateside customer support and purchase orders
  • Cost, timing, and quality analysis performed by seasoned tooling experts
  • All Guo Ji employees speak fluent English
  • Multiple projects manufactured and shipped simultaneously capable of handling 100+ die packages

Details manufactured each year

29.8 years

Average experience of a GTS engineer


Miles flown for international business


Guo Ji is always looking for both established and emerging talents interested in our unique company culture.

GTS Projects

Justin Smalligan,
Gou Ji President

Justin’s unique career path to the automotive industry includes several years spent living in China as well as earning a master’s degree in Chinese Studies at the University of Michigan. Justin has been leading the GTS team since its inception in 2008, navigating the challenging worlds of stamping dies and cross-cultural international business.

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    Guo Ji Tooling Systems (Shenzhen) Co., LTD.
    Room 2105 Zhengzhong Times Mansion—Block A
    89 Longcheng Avenue
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