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Rapid Tooling Systems (RTS) has a 22,000 square foot facility, allowing the ISO certified company to serve automotive, appliance, furniture, electrical, agriculture, and aerospace clients located in stamping facilities throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Asia.

Rapid Tooling Systems’ great customer service is obvious when you work with its highly experienced team members throughout each phase of the process. You’ll find an estimating team delivering on-time quotes, a simulation and design team working with state-of-the-art software, seasoned engineers, CMM quality support, and veteran die makers leading ambitious apprentices forming various metal materials.

Rapid Tooling Systems experience saves time and materials, delivering high quality tooling at a competitive price. Quality machining also means build time reduction to meet early part requirements.

Capabilities in Die Build

Rapid Tooling Systems designs, builds, and services small to medium sheet metal stamping dies.

With a wealth of experience, Rapid Tooling Systems specializes in:

  • Progressive dies and high speed progressive dies
  • Compound dies
  • Large packages of dies
  • Die tapping and nut unit progressive dies
  • Line dies
  • Draw dies
  • Transfer dies
  • Engineering change support
  • Die repair support at our facility or at our customer’s facilities
  • Short lead time builds
  • Extrusion progressive dies
  • Electrical terminal progressive dies


Rapid Tooling Systems has a state of the art tool room and access to Tooling Systems Group’s wide range of CNC machining centers at its 22,000 square foot facility.


  • Verson 300 ton press
    • Ram 54.000 x 96.000 in.
    • Bolster 54.000 x 96.000 in.
    • Max 42 in.
    • With Feeder
  • Clearing 150 ton press
    • Ram 40.000 x 79.000 in.
    • Bolster 48.000 x 72.000 in.
    • Stroke 14.000 in.
    • Min 14.500 in.
    • Max 23.750 in.
  • Danly 200 ton press
    • Ram 42.000 x 71.000 in.
    • Bolster 42.000 x 71.000 in.
    • Stroke 20.000 in.
    • Min 26.000 in.
    • Max 32.000 in.
  • Clearing 200 ton press
    • Ram 42.00 x 72.00 in.
    • Bolster 42.000 x 72.000 in.
    • Stroke 20.000 in.
    • Min 29.500 in.
    • Max 35.500 in.
  • Verson 250 ton press
    • Ram 48.000 x 96.000 in.
    • Bolster 60 x 119 in.
    • Stroke 20.000 in.
    • Min 16.500 in.
    • Max 27.500 in.


  • UG
  • Fast Blank
  • Solid Works
  • Auto Form
  • Spin Fire
24 years

Average experience of an RTS engineer

16 weeks

Average delivery time


On-time deliveries


RTS is always looking for both established and emerging talents interested in our unique company culture.

RTS Stamping Dies and Parts

John Grotenrath,
RTS President

John’s 35 years of experience in the tool and die industry has proven to be an invaluable asset as he leads the accomplished RTS team as it provides the highest quality product and on time delivery for its customers.

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