Making Production Efficient.

Specialty Tooling Systems, Inc. (STS) specializes in increased output and quality through smart engineering and the integration of the right tools.

Since January of 2000, Specialty Tooling Systems has become a premier company for assembly equipment and automation systems for the automotive industry and manufacturing at large.

Due to success, Specialty Tooling Systems outgrew their old facility in late 2008 and moved into a new 33,000 square foot building in Northwest Grand Rapids, Michigan. In 2018, additional growth required an addition of 36,000 square feet be added for a total of 69,000 square feet.

Our Focus

  • Robotic Systems

    Tending, welding, material handling

  • Assembly Systems

    Presses, joining, broaching

  • Welding Systems

    MIG, spot, laser

  • Testing Systems

    Force, vision, acoustic, pressure, decay

  • Controls Systems
  • New, Redesigned, and Repaired Equipment
  • Complete On-Site Support

On-site Equipment and Staff

Specialty Tooling System’s 60,000 square foot facility provides the convenience and room to build and tryout large assembly lines on-site, ensuring that when the equipment arrives, it is ready to go.

  • 5 - Overhead cranes

    Capable of lifting up to 20-tons

  • 2 - High-speed CNC mills

    With work areas up to X64″ x Y34″ x Z30″

  • 4 - Welders

    Including TIG, MIG and Sub Arc

  • 68 - Employees

    Including project managers, estimators, designers, builders, machinist, programmers, and administrators.

  • Laser Lab


    • 5 axis laser cutting
    • 5 axis laser welding
    • 3D laser welding
    • Custom fixture designing and building
    • Prototyping
    • Cutting and etching


    • Precitec cutting head that can cut up to 1/4″ thick material and can handle sheets up to 4′ x 8′
    • Profile and blank cutting of sheet metal
    • Precitec welding head with 600 watt capability and can handle sheets up to 4′ x 8′
    • Laser welding various materials with 5 axis capability
    • HighYAG 3D welding head that has 3D welding and marking at high speed


STS is always looking for both established and emerging talents interested in our unique company culture.

Assembly Equipment and Automation Systems

How automated should your manufacturing to be? The answer to that is based on the right mix of volume, complexity, and cost of equipment. Figuring out the best mix to fit your needs can be difficult and time consuming. This is where we make a difference.

For clients looking to take on new product lines that aren’t on their floor now, our specialists sit down to find out what the needs are and work out the best process to get the appropriate machinery. Our team will provide a competitive price that incorporates STS’s extensive knowledge, quality, and lean building processes to make the solution come to life.

Also, with existing product lines that need re-engineering, we can accommodate current machinery and develop a process that will:

  • Increase efficiency and throughput of existing automation
  • Minimize impact to facility floorspace by optimizing layout of automation
  • Incorporate industry safety standards to protect your manufacturing team members

STS Assembly Equipment, Facility, and Laser Lab

Jamey Moore,
Vice President of Operations

Jamey has been helping STS grow into an industry leader and now brings his 20+ years of extensive experience and knowledge into a leadership role for the years ahead.

Dan Jennings,
Vice President of Business Development

Dan’s career began 29 years ago at the OEM level with Toyota, then moving to the tier one ranks with Shiloh Industries and Challenge Manufacturing. He joined TSG in 2008 and enjoyed 11 years as Vice President of Sales before recently moving to STS to continue the company’s growth.

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