Collaborative Expertise.

The Collaborative Management Team at Tooling Systems Group, Inc. manages the communication of information and facilitates the direction throughout the Tooling Systems Group collaborative, keeping the work moving smoothly.

The team serves the member companies through Sales and Marketing, Purchasing, and Management Services including Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, and Continuous Improvement.

Sales And Marketing

The sales and marketing team provides the best price and timing options for small to large stampings dies, hot stamp dies, assembly equipment, and check fixtures produced in North America and China.

As well as being the source for information on Tooling Systems Group, the sales team is also the contact point for requests for quotes (RFQs). They direct incoming requests to the proper member companies, follow up with quotes, and communicate with you and our companies to keep everyone in the loop.


Tooling Systems Group has adopted a shared purchasing system and team for all the member companies’ which has increased the companies economy of scale. Using shared purchasing resources allows each company within Tooling Systems Group to:

  • Know which products meet the needs of the job at the right cost
  • Share best practices through continuous improvement teams
  • Leverage the volume of orders from our die shops for highly competitive pricing
  • Bring the best timing and savings to our customers


The Tooling Systems Group leaders share a level of understanding and expertise you won’t find in most other shops. They began their careers in-house, providing a clear understanding of the processes our employees work with—day in, day out. The individual company presidents operate out of their respective companies while serving on collaborative teams that strive to optimize all facets of our manufacturing business, administering business, legal and financial relations in the group.


sq. ft. of floor space among the TSG member companies


Total employees

3,000 ton

tryout capacity in just 1 of 20+ presses across the collaborative


Our member companies are always looking for established and emerging talents interested in our unique company culture. View our open positions today!