Accuracy Tools For Confidence In The Parts You Make.

Ultimate Gaging Systems (UGS) is all about accuracy. Ultimate Gaging Systems gives manufacturers the tools they need for assurance that their parts are built to the proper specs.

Whether it be from jigs and fixtures that quickly orient parts in the right position for machining and assembly, or the check and inspection gages to validate parts are within tolerance, Ultimate Gaging Systems is there for its customers for reassurance that a quality end product is being produced.

Our Focus

Ultimate Gaging Systems designs, builds, repairs and CMM certifies the following:

  • Assembly fixtures
  • Assembly tables
  • Attribute gages
  • Automated checking fixtures
  • CMM holding fixtures
  • CNC fixtures
  • Contour gages
  • Cooling fixtures
  • Custom variable data fixtures
  • Laser fixtures
  • SPC gages
  • Weld fixtures

Our team of designers, tool builders, machinists, and project managers take pride in their level of detail and customer support for every build. With our ever growing inventory of equipment, we have the power and capacity to complete your order quickly and with the quality it deserves.




Square foot facility


Target number of fixtures for 2019


UGS is always looking for both established and emerging talents interested in our unique company culture.

Jeff Momber,
UGS President

Since starting at UGS in 2012, Jeff has embodied the consistency and professionalism that has made UGS as successful as it is. Installed as President of UGS in 2017, Jeff continues to utilize his 30+ years of experience to lead his outstanding team.