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Our diverse knowledge and craftsmanship in plastic injection molds, hydroform tooling, die cast tools, thermoform and vacuum form tools means we are always offering our customers better tool designs with competitive pricing.

  • Applications
    • Automotive trim
    • Appliance parts
    • Laminated panels
    • Frame rails
    • Exhaust components
    • Furniture parts

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Hydroform Tools

From the ground up, we design and build our hydroform tooling, complete with pre-form dies when needed, to provide our customers with the best quality tool to meet the job at hand. Our vast knowledge in part design, coupled with great tool design, means we are constantly pushing to pioneer our processes in building hydroform tools.

  • Metal Types
    • Steel
    • HSLA
    • Stainless
    • Aluminum
  • Part Types
    • Frame rails
    • Exhaust
    • Side members
    • Roof bows
    • Engine cradles

Die Cast Molds

Zinc and aluminum die casts are built with up front engineering to ensure first shots are always what the customer expects.

Plastic Injection Molds

We can attribute our success in building plastic injection tools to our decades of engineering and taking the time to understand our customer’s needs. Through our part design interaction with our clients, we build molds with the highest level of quality, which minimizes flow patterns, blistering, jetting, and warping.

Thermoform, Vacuum Form and Compression Molds

We have a track record of building complicated thermoform tools with excellent results. Additionally, we also build wood and plastic inlay molds, vacuum form tools and trim dies to provide the complete tooling package.