The same TSG Quality, Regardless of Volume

When end users run into the problem of finding manufacturers to produce parts that have become obsolete by their OEM, or the OEM no longer exist, it can be frustrating to get back on track and keep moving.

When a manufacturer needs a short run of sheet metal stamped parts, it does not make sense to invest in a full die due to potential part changes or just a low-volume of quantities needed. Tooling Systems Group member companies can provide a solution for both of these problems

Given the flexibility of modular tooling, Tooling Systems Group can run low volume production up to 20,000 units annually.

Best of all, the customer is not required to buy or store the tooling since it is already factored into the price and can be shelved at one of the member companies for future production.

Making the parts you need

Whether it is through our modular tooling or competitively priced contract machining, we can create:

  • Prototypes
  • Early parts
  • Short run and low-volume manufacturing (under 20,000 units)
  • Non-current production parts
  • Re-engineered parts

Even in the absence of data, Tooling Systems Group member companies can bring some parts back to life and re-create them using their CMM equipment and engineering experience.

Modular Tooling

Using their knowledge for die tooling, Tooling Systems Group pushes to create a tool that could be available for short run and prototype stamping, as well as being reusable for different applications and future re-runs.

The result from this push is our modular stamping die. Modular tooling gives Tooling Systems Group a great advantage for:

  • Testing out complex draws and forms without investing in a complete tool. This allows for details from the tool to be transferred to final stamping die tool for mass production
  • Creating prototype parts efficiently
  • Producing early parts quickly to aid in part development and engineering with physical parts
  • Reusability for future demand of low volume production