Building Solid Foundations

Hot rolled steel plates meet the demands for strength, durability, and a solid foundation for industrial-grade projects. Hot rolled plates speed up a project that is getting bogged down by long lines for casting and styro design at foundries. In addition, they keep costs down when a cast product is overkill.

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Flame Cut Steel Plate

Using CAD/CAM plasma and oxy-fuel cutting machines, our team burns steel plates to shape raw plates. Multiple thicknesses of hot rolled A-36, A-572 (grades 50 and 80), 1020, 1045, mild steel, and 4140 steel plate are stocked on-site for quick turnaround. In addition, we do our own annealing, cut plates up to 10′ x 40′ x 13″, and allow custom orders, all of which enables us to provide fast delivery and low prices.

  • Applications
    • Earth moving and construction equipment
    • Alternative energy structures and components
    • Oil rigs and platforms
    • Military and defense projects
    • Die sets and kits for sheet metal stamping dies
    • Concept, prototype, and private use pieces
    • Other miscellaneous, industrial grade applications

Blanchard Grinding and Machining

After burning, we machine, plane, drill and tap the raw steel shapes into functional pieces with grinding and machining.

Along with standard CNC milling and machining, we can improve the raw steel’s flatness and parallelism with our Blanchard Grinders. Our five machine grinders are capable of grinding up to 128″ diagonally and to customer specified thicknesses.

Welding and Fabrication

To improve accuracy, we use our Arc Writer during the burning process to plot out the exact position for details from the CAD data before we weld with sub-merged Arc or MIG.

Using our heat treating and stress relieving oven, we preheat steel before the weld process. This allows the weld to penetrate deep into the product and not be shocked by the ambient temperature of cold steel, resulting in a slower set for a stronger weld.

Steel Stress Relieving, Annealing, and Media Blasting

Once our assemblies are welded, we can properly heat treat and anneal the steel and weldments with our in-house oven. The oven is capable of handling pieces 8′ x 10′ x 24′, and temperatures up to 1,500°F. In addition, we use our oven to preheat steel before welding for more durable applications.

After stress relieving and annealing, we can also treat steel plate products with our media shot blasting booth. Clearing away sediment and slag, the media blast treatment will leave the piece with a clean surface that is suitable for painting and further processing.